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AIDI is a community and culture education and development initiative. We are social enterprise minded and proactive in approach to positioning enterprise, communities and people for business and cultural opportunities leading to building social and human capital development for a better society and strong economy.

Educating our Communities on Intercultural Development

Building structures to promote Social, enterprise inclusion and Integration towards economic interdependence

We work to influence and inform policy, encourage participation in community development and education to allow members of African and global communities to learn from each other’s experience. We represent the collective views of African Diasporas and promote ethnic diversity in such areas as intercultural education and development, history, culture, youth and adult informal education, trade shows/exhibitions, colloquium, creative arts, drama, Dance, Music & Film festivals, and Storytelling.

AIDI organise and coordinate the annual Black History Month, also known as African History Month events in Ireland. This is for the remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. it provides a forum for the recognition, learning, honouring, and celebration of the achievements and contributions of generations of Black and African 
men, woman and children in their communities throughout history.


  • To Engaging and empowering ethnic minorities especially Blacks and Africans in Ireland to utilising their skills and creative talents for strong economy.
  • To Educate, promote, research, preserve, interpret, and disseminate information about African life, history, culture and heritages through positive exchange programmes and events to the global community.
  • To inspire Africans to develop plan and policies that reflect the history, culture, social and economic needs of African diaspora.
  • To improve and promote the work of the Foundation through the flow of information, events, projects, research and development, education and human resources development.
  • To influence and inform policy, planning and to encourage participation in community development and education to allow members of our communities to learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Establish Intercultural Academy and Information Centre.
  • To represent the collective views of Africa Diasporas in local, nationwide and international; Developing and celebrating different elements of history,culture and educational programme to promote diversity and intercultural communications;
  • Export and import Irish and African Arts and technologies through festivals, exhibition of culture, arts, dance, drama, storytelling, fashion and traditions;
  • Promote Festival of Arts and cultures through trade shows, intercultural Music, academic lectures, tourism, film and movies, enterprise exchange projects for business sustainability.

Our core value centres is that “We do not count differences, rather we want differences to count” in building a strong and positive communities that reflects who we are not minding your colour or creed, but what you have to offer for a better society.

These core values lies in the importance of development of interest of understanding one another’s culture and traditions for knowledge sharing, innovation tendencies, diversification and positive community development. African Diasporas emigrates with their kin and teens, history, cultural heritages that ushers an innovation of cultural distinctiveness that is advantageous of building sustainable society. These values convey connection, networking, intercultural communication, participation and involvement in diverse resourceful cultural heritages. Africans are endowed with opportunities and valuable natural resources for bilateral trade, tourism relationships, resource sourcing and mobilisation.

Our strongly beliefs are in the development of unified intercultural communities embracing an effective communications and dialogue for social inclusion, integration and interdependent oneness society. We believe in the creation of unity in diversity where different communities can share together their experiences with each other, hence co-exist meaningfully together.

In AIDI, we are composed of experts and professional people passionate about intercultural development and a better unifying inclusive community. We strongly believe that intercultural communication ushers in originality of indigenous cultures created through cultural connections by experiencing multicultural concepts that makes the World a global village.

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