Black History Month

Black History Month Ireland (BHMI), also known as Africa History Month Ireland (AHMI) aims to instill and carry on observation and celebratory legacy of diversity education, cultural tolerance, and community inclusion begun in 2010 in Cork City in Republic of Ireland.

Black History Month is a significant celebration to recognise historical injustices, promote equality for the protection of People of Africa descent, and foster the recognition of the contributions people of Africa have made in our societies and to raise awareness of these contributions, and to celebrate the rich culture and heritages of the black and people of Africa.

BHMI/AHMI’s vision is the development of relationships between Ireland and Africa heritages, culturally, politically, economically and professionally, which holds a month-long annual celebration in Ireland in October.

Black History Month begun by Black History in United States of America (USA) over one Hundred years ago in February 1915 in Chicago, Illinois, subsequently observed by the United Kingdom (UK) in October 1987, Canada in February 1995, and in Ireland in October 2010.

We are non-for-profit, civic educational, non-governmental organisation founded in 2010 with regional observances in Cork partnered with University College Cork (UCC), Cork City Council and the Nigerian Embassy in Dublin, Ireland, with repeat celebrations in 2013.

In 2014, the inaugural national observation saw the official launch of Black History Month Ireland on Thursday 04 October at the European Commission Representation Office Dublin in Ireland. Throughout that October, in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Waterford counties, lectures, performance events, business workshops, bazaar, film festival and a visual arts exhibition were showcased.

In 2015, our BHMI Theme is “A Century of Celebration: Catch the Life, History and Culture”, focusing on unearthing lesser-known connections between Ireland, the Irish and the African Diaspora, particularly in anticipation of the Easter Rising centenary celebration.

Africa-Irish Development Initiative (AIDI) is the official registered organizers of Black History Month Ireland (BHMI), also known as Africa History Month Ireland (AHMI). AIDI) was the platform for the official launch of the Black History Month in Ireland in collaboration with the African Diplomatic Corps in Ireland, The European Commission Representation and European Parliament Offices Dublin 2 respectively with the Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador Anas Khalas of Morocco Embassy in Ireland, and Barbara Nolan Head of the European Representation Office in Dublin as Keynote Speakers. Ireland is now recognized as the fourth country in the world to officially hold the black history month observance. Ireland becomes fourth country in world to celebrate Black History Month (thejournal.ie)

Zephrynus Okechi Ikeh (Zeph), Founder and Project Coordinator of Black History Month Ireland (BHMI), said that the initiative will tackle racism and discrimination through helping people understand different cultures, advocating for racial equality and civil rights.

Black and Africa History observations can unite us, help us to build a more constructive society, if we embrace openness and curiosity towards diversity over a fear of difference, and use this as a catalyst for how we think about and relate to Irish heritage and other heritages especially African heritage.

BHMI/AHMI is a community intercultural promotion for greater awareness for the remembrance and observance of important people and events in the history of the Africa Diaspora. Black History Month is a month set apart to learn honour, educate and celebrate the achievements, and contributions of black men, women and children throughout history annually with a theme for social inclusion, integration, intercultural education and development.

BHMI/AHMI is now celebrated in October to recognise, educate and celebrate the achievements and international contributions of generations of members of the African descent, men, women and children, and to mark important events in its history such as the emancipation of slave trade which was an act of racism and now connected with MakeRacismHistory Festival of the European Network of Anti-Racism (ENAR).

Black History Month Ireland is a community culture education and development of The Africa-Irish Development Initiative (AIDI)